Ethics and society

Aca Timber actively engages and provides support to existing charities in Latvia and promotes the popularity and effectiveness of charity through helpful donations. Aca Timber believes that society is our well-being and by providing the support we all gain.

To make sure that Latvia’s “green gold” does not disappear, ACA Timber takes care of the sources of wood and their certification. That’s why ACA Timber has passed key supply chain certifications to make sure Latvia remains one of the most forested countries in the world.

Timber supply chain certification confirms that wood comes from responsibly managed forests and this material is traceable in all production and marketing processes – from forest till the final product. This certificate confirms that the forest land and stock areas are being used correclty with their full potential, without reduction. These organizations, and therefore all its members, make sure that forest lands are not reduced and that the world does not lose its forests and its benefits.

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